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I have always loved the month of October. More so when I lived in Michigan because of the fall colors and cool, crisp air. I live down south now but more and more I'm thinking of making another move back north. Don't know if I can handle the snow again but I'm really not enjoying living down here. Especially now in the climate of the political election. I don't like racism and dirty politics. I'm a white, middle-class woman and I think it's time we had someone besides a white male leading our country. Especially an old white male. I'm really depressed hearing how ugly the election is becoming. At least on one side...

Anyway, I've always liked October but I'm anxious for it to be November already. I'm ready for the election and as a figure skating fan, I'm excited for the competitions to start. My favorite team is Meryl Davis and Charlie White (see my icon). They are our Silver medalists from last season in ice dance and they placed sixth in the World Championships. I'm very excited for them and can't wait to see their new programs. I also like our Pairs champions. I prefer watching teams over single skaters, although I have quite a few singles that I love like Michelle Kwan and Scott Hamilton.

Anyway, it is my favorite time of year, I love the fall and I love the holidays. I like decorating my house with the holiday themes. But I enjoyed it more when my kids were small. It was fun seeing their faces get so excited. Now it's just for me to enjoy!


VP debate

Joe Biden FTW!

Definitely not as painful as I thought it would be but if Palin thinks widening her eyes and talking like a high school cheerleader with her folksy demeanor is going to get votes, well, maybe but only if they plan to vote Republican anyway. She is incredibly underqualified to ever be VP much less the President. I continue to be totally underwhelmed.

Thank God the polls show that I am in the majority here. She is a no-go...

Palin...the marshmallow woman...all fluff, no substance.

She simply doesn't understand the questions.


It's all coming to an end

In case anyone's worried, the following post under the cut contains NO spoilers.

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I figure there is something wrong with me that I can't seem to post on my journal! Like daily? Isn't that what a journal is supposed to be for? But, my day to day life is in some ways, rather dull. I'm sure no one really wants to read about it! However, I faithfully read my f-list's ramblings and I highly enjoy it! Hmmm...

Anyway, it is now June, and I'm getting more and more butterflies in my stomach anticipating DH. I'm excited about the movie but I'm not worried. The movies are great and I've enjoyed the endless H/Hr we seem to get in them. Gotta love it! But the seventh book? I'm torn...can't wait and yet, don't want it to end. I'm still convinced it's going to end well...Harry's not going to die and he's going to realize he loves Hermione as much as she loves him (which we already know to be true!). I just can't wait to see how JKR wraps it up. I'm happy to have read (somewhere) that the book has surprises and it's creative. That's good.

On to my evil side...I can't wait to see the Herons and Chocos get their comeuppance. Right up the you-know-what! I can't believe they still think it's going to end OBHWF! NOT! JKR wouldn't be that stupid and so totally uncreative! This I know. It may not end H/Hr but it's not going be so lame as to end OBHWF. Seriously, I would put my books away in the attic if that happens.

I've stopped arguing with Herons and Chocos. They are so not worth it. I noticed Portkey reopened the debating thread...oh well. I don't plan to go there. It's all been argued endlessly and it's over. It really is. We've pretty much said all we can say and now we just have to wait and see. Each side is convinced they are right. Personally, I will never buy into R/Hr or H/G...even if she writes it. It's just been so incredibly bad all along that no amount of trying to make it better will work for me. I don't like R/Hr together and I absolutely hate H/G together. It's done. So you see my dilemma. My great anticipation along with my great dread. How will it end?

And so we wait....

Counting down

Well, here's my April post! I'm pathetic, I really am. When you keep a journal you are supposed to write in every day, I think! Anyway...

Counting down to July. Surprisingly, it's going fairly quick for me. We're halfway through April. I post on e-w.net forums (the shipper forum) and it's been exciting around there, talking about the supposed spoilers. Doesn't really matter if they are not for real, it's been quite a boost for the H/Hr thread, we've been chatting away about our wonderful couple. It's made me feel so much better about everything, I have the most optimism I've had since HBP came out.

I hope and PRAY Ginny is going to play a big part and I really hope she's either evil (that would be so cool) or that she was using love potions on Harry. I can promise you that H/G was not just a simple little fling, Harry was not himself with her and something is up. I can't wait to find out...JKR better write it good! I remember how much Ginny-hate came into the fandom after HBP, I was one of the haters and I was astounded at how much I disliked her after only being indifferent to her with the first five books. I truly thought there is no way Harry would ever really notice her. I believe JKR wrote her for a reason and she's been so unnoticeable for a reason. I think the H/G fans are in for a huge surprise. I used to post on fanforum but after they made a poster named baileycat one of the mods, I quit. She is an avid H/G fan and she policed the H/Hr thread like a Nazi, never letting us say one word against Ginny, her royal hotness. It got ridiculous. e-w.net isn't like that, we don't go off on Ginny but we get to say what we think about her.

I'm an avid H/Hr shipper but I stick to the friendly sites. I don't like the sites that don't support H/Hr and even though debating is fun, it just raises my blood pressure to argue with stupid people. I can't wait to see mugglenet and TLC explode, though, after DH. Cause it will! There's no way JKR is going to write cheesy OBHWF. She just won't. The spoilers say that the Weasleys will have a warm-hearted ending. That's open-ended to me...could mean many things...Percy reunites with them, Bill and Fleur have a baby or get pregnant, could mean good things for Ron (I've always believed he's going to die but maybe he just gets hurt and survives), and then there's the question of Ginny. I'm really excited to see what JKR does with her. JKR always said that Hermione was like she was when she was young and Ginny seems to be the opposite...the cheerleader type, all the boys like because she's pretty, etc...hopefully JKR has as much dislike for that type of girl as I do. I would burn her!

Well, that's it, I guess. My hopes for the last book are this...Harry must not die! I can handle anything but that. Hopefully all the speculation about him dying is just that...and JKR wants it that way. She has always thrown us some curve balls along the way and I know she wants all of us to be astounded with her ending. Here's hoping!

Halfway through March already?

Man, we're halfway through March already and I haven't made a journal post yet. I at least try to post once a month!

I've been posting on EW forum often. My latest was a rant about shipping as usual. I'm really, really tired of R/Hr and H/G shippers. I'm really tired of their thinking that OBHWF is a good thing and when I read their posts it just makes me so aggravated that they see Harry Potter that way. Because I still believe that there's more depth to the story than R/Hr and H/G!

A lot of HP fans are sad that the story's coming to an end, but I'm not. I'm ready for the end, whatever it may be. I hope I will not be disappointed and that my faith in JKR's writing still has foundation. I hate to read things from H/Hr shippers where they've given up but I can't really blame them. HBP was really something. It depends on what you believe...either she was writing it as truth or one big red herring. I'd like to believe it's all a smokescreen and her final reveals will be amazing! My hope springs eternal.

I can't wait to read the final book and then look back on this post and see if I was right or wrong.

Anyway, it's all been fun while it's lasted...I long for the days of 2004...that was my most fun year of HP...the POA movie rocked our world and I reread OotP about 10 times that year. Then there was the anticipation of Book 6. Our shipper hope was never higher. Sadly, 2005 will go down in my history as definitely an annis horriblis! Both in my HP world and my real life world. Thankfully, my real life world got better. And I still love HP, always will. I hope I can keep my promise to myself that I will still love it no matter how it ends.

Just two things...Harry doesn't die and there isn't a OBHWF double wedding. I don't think I really could take either one. At that point I may have to lovingly pack my books away and say "thanks for the memories." It was good while it lasted!

H/Hr ficlet for you

Just cross-posting this to my journal, it's also at harryhermione.

While thinking about the upcoming final book, my mind is mulling over the possibilities of how JKR is going to end it all. In reading the Evil!Ginny theories, I really think that it would be a great twist if Ginny betrayed them all and with all the Ginnyhate coming out of HBP, I think JKR has set it up nicely. But that's just my opinion! So I had an idea for a ficlet...it's kinda dark but not too much. It's Hermione, once again, being there for Harry. And since you guys know I love to write smut, yes, it's smut...but angsty smut, no fluff here this time. So yeah, it's NC-17. Here you go...

PainCollapse )

Hope you enjoyed!

A New Year

Ah well. A new year cometh. Time to take stock of things. I finally got on the scale that I've been avoiding for months now. Rats. After several years of maintaining and even losing some weight, I have gained approx 10 lbs this past year. Three reasons for this...last spring I tore a ligament in my knee...thus, I had to give up my dance class and even walking was painful. So very little walks in the evening, either. So far I've been unable to resume my dance class which was helping my weight. The other reason is my fault entirely. Too many sweets. Dang my sweet tooth. I've just got to give up sugar or there's little hope of losing weight because I am not a big eater. I don't eat large portions and I watch my fat and carbs. I could do better with the carbs. So here's what I need to do...cut the carbs and the sugars. It's the only way. And I need to get back to exercising now that my knee is pretty much healed. I'm just afraid of injuring it again. I'm 49 so I don't have the resilience of youth to keep my joints and bones working properly! All is not lost, I will resolve to improve things this year.

Also need to get my writing muse back. It disappeared this year, too. I even took most of my stories off of Portkey because they were my NC-17 stories and I wanted to look them over and maybe revamp them. I get good reviews with my writing but sometimes it seems over-the-top with my smut! Smut is hard to write anyway and it's easy to get carried away...especially with Harry and Hermione! I just love to write H/Hr. I know some folks miss my stories, I've got to get them reposted.

And as far as HP goes, this could be a banner year. Or not. We've got the OotP movie which I can't wait for. It'll be good anyway. Then the possibility of the last book. Which I definitely have mixed feelings about. I want it but I sure don't want OBHWF. I pray that JKR is going to go out with a bang. It would be so wonderful to finally culminate with the amazing H/Hr love. At any rate, that love has been there throughout all the books (even amidst the horror of HBP) and I will always cherish it. Isn't this strange, though? As much as I dislike R/Hr, I absolutely abhorred H/G! That pairing made me physically sick. Hate it, hate it, hate it. I'd rather Harry be alone than with Ginny. Don't want him dead, though. Ginny, I want dead. That would make ME rub my hands with glee. Can't help it...JKR made me hate her. She wrote her in a way that made me furious. She is so not Harry's ideal girl. Oh well, here's hoping...

Gotta go. Time for a shower and then run errands. As always on my days off. Last year had some definite rough patches, here's hoping that this year will be better. With God's grace, it will be.


Morning musings

Well, it's morning. Nothing exciting going on except the laundry. It's cool and overcast today. But it is December and it doesn't snow here so I guess I can just enjoy it. I need to go to Portkey and read some H/Hr fic, haven't had enough of that lately. It seems like so long for July, I can't wait to see the OotP movie. It's fun to get the teaser stuff, though.

Glad to have the day off, work is stressful as always. I really enjoy being a nurse but somedays it just seems so thankless. Guess I'm getting close to burnout. Have to regroup and make a new plan, I suppose. Change my attitude? Nah, that doesn't work! Oh well...

How did this year go by so fast? It's really true, the older you get, the faster the time goes. Myself, I think the earth is spinning faster! Hee.

Gotta go for now.


Nothing in particular

Been trying to tweak my journal, testing out things. It's Monday, I worked the weekend so I'm stiff and sore this morning as usual from 12 hours on my feet both days. But my house is in need of cleaning so I guess I'll get a shower and get busy.

The weather is nice, sunny and cool. Gotta start planning for the holidays. Oh well, not much to say this morning, my brain hasn't had my second cup of coffee yet. Later.